Viu el Teatre is a platform for the development of stage creation for family and early childhood audiences. Since our beginnings, we have been promoting multidisciplinary contemporary projects that foster the shared artistic experience between children – with their companions – and creators, giving value to culture as a transmitter of educational benefits.

Within an increasing individualized world, we are committed to inclusive performing arts as a tool for communicating ideas and emotions to better intergenerational dialogue.

From Barcelona, ​​we developed two different lines of work based on the stages of growth of children:

  • Babies and early childhood (0-4 years old): Proposals of small format, sensorial, visual, interactive and close; with live music; that awaken the five senses.
  • Family audience (from 4 years old): Proposals of medium format, captivating, musical, with characters that create positive reflection around universal themes treated with originality.

Uniting the combined work of a team of professionals in the sector we give a scenic offer in Barcelona; a ​​own production of shows and personalized projects for the public, associative and private sectors.

Meet our team

Our objectives

  • Create to explain current stories
  • Art as a tool to discover emotions
  • Introduce the viewer different genres and formats
  • Generate links between creators and spectators
  • Promote quality cultural consumption for children
  • Promote Catalan artistic talent and seek national and international collaborations