Our educational service carries out projects with the educational communities to arouse interest in the performing arts. When work with children, we always propose theatrical activities that enrich their imagination, generate empathy with their classmates, make them aware of their body and their voice and reinforce the autonomy, self-esteem and personality of each child. For us to do theater in education is to educate in sensitivity, to enhance the five senses!

From this point of view, we work in the “Micro-shows Workshop” that has already been launched with the first school of this 2019-2020 course. This activity proposal has the objective that children, divided in small groups, create from scratch and in a consensual way, a 5-minute play in a space of the Romea Theater.


The students’ job is to organize themselves by discipline (director, actors / actresses, technician, etc.) and write this piece and represent it accompanied by two theatrical pedagogues from Viu el Teatre team.

This January we have also installed in the Col·legi Claret of Barcelona the learning space of the “Artist’s journey”so that the teachers of the P5 team can work with the children to create a character. The project, which began in December with the training for the teaching team, continues with this learning space that will be installed in a corner of the school throughout the quarter to work on dramatic expression exercises.



“The artist’s journey” will finish at the end of the quarter with a visit “behind the scene” of Romea Theater so that the small artists know their interiors and the people who work there to make the shows a reality.