It is a musical comedy about the coherent use of the mobile among children; based on a free version of Lewis Carroll’s classic. A contemporary setup that integrates a surprising audiovisual language to talk directly to the new generations. Alicia invites us to think about the communicative changes generated by technology within the families.

The day Alicia turns 10, her parents give her a mobile phone. However, the white rabbit steals it and she will have to travel the country of wonders -now converted into the country of mobiles- until arriving at the palace of the queen to be able to recover it. Will she make it? With this trip, Alicia realizes that she cannot live like this anymore; hooked to the mobile phone; because she‘s losing the value of communication with the people around her.

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Artistic and technical team

Author: Marta Buchaca (from the original work of Lewis Carroll)
Director: Jordi Andújar
Musical composition: Keco Pujol
Performers: Jordi Llordella-Joan Codina, Júlia Bonjoch-Xuel Díaz, Marc Pujol and Queralt Albinyana-Cristina Murillo
Technical coordination: Contracorrent – Carles Bernal
Assistant director: Míriam Puntí
Visual set design and costumes: Desilence
Choreographer: Bealia Guerra
Technical manager: Carles Merodio
Communication and educational services: Sara Gómez
Sound design: Josep Sanchez Rico
Lighting design: Isidre Ortiz and Jaume Gomez
Executive production: Lluís Juanet
Production manager: Gisela Juanet
Production assistant: Jose Plaza
Administration: Ana Mª Montero
Acknowledgments: Lluïsos de Gràcia (Residència teatral), Sara Espígul, Teatre Romea, Mar Solà and our families for always being there.

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Information of interest

Genre: Musical theatre
Language: Catalan / Spanish
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended age:
– Family shows: from 6 to 12 years old
– School shows: the educational department recommands this show from primary school to high school

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