Artistic sensory experience to feel the pleasure of your baby’s first scenic awaken.

A white painting, four colours and live classical music are the main ingredients of this shared trip through the seasons. Three musicians, actors and singers lead us to create an adaptation of the painting “Woman and birds in the night” by Joan Miró. This is Pintamúsica: a sensory adventure to listen, watch, interact and play!

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Artistic and technical team

Original idea: Gisela Juanet
Authors: Berta Ros, Gisela Juanet and Lorena Lliró
Stage direction: Gisela Juanet and Lluís Juanet
Musical direction, composition and arrangements: Berta Ros and Lorena Lliró
Performers and musicians: Berta Ros / Núria Gomez, Raul Viana / Hector Canós / Marcel·lí Bayer and Lorena Lliró / Cris Vidal, Elisenda Andrés / Guillem Payaró
Stage design: Lluís Juanet and Gisela Juanet
Audiovisual: Pau Gascón and Rosa Cardús
Lighting: Lluís Juanet
Advice on art: Núria Garcia
Pedagogical advice: Berta Juanet
Advice in sign language: Natàlia Ros
Scenography: Mateo Tikas and Natividad Gerbolés
Technical manager: Carles Merodio
Costume design: Montse Ginesta
Communication and educational services: Sandra Gómez
Administration: Ana Mª Montero
Acknowledgments: Duna Montero, Maria Roca and Sant Medir school

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Information of interest

Genre: Music, art and theatre
Language: Visual (with popular songs)
Duration: 35 minutes
Recommended age:
– Family shows: from 0 to 5 years old
– School shows: the educational department recommands this show from nursery school to preschool

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