Storytellers of short stories are unique characters who can travel to any space in the world. Characters who tell stories in your ear, the ones you want!

They explain things in a way that takes us back to ancient times with legends and rumors but also stories and knowledge spread by word of mouth. We recover a form of intimate and authentic communication.

Our artistic proposal can be personalized according to the needs. It can be around a theme (World Women Day, Water, Mathematics, etc.) or recycling, childhood, creativity … etc.) or serve as a creative way to give people information. The main characters are elegant, visually attractive and artistic, each one is associated with a color and its umbrellas can be personalized with the desired message.

Free and personalized open proposal to transmit what you want in your event.

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Genre: Artistic proposal – street and indoor

Duration: Minimum 1 hour (maximum according to agreement)

Recommended ages: All audiences

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