Last November 24th, we presented the new season of PETIT ROMEA, the family program of the Romea Theater in Barcelona. The party was held from 11 am to 2 pm in the Plaza de la Gardunya, located a few meters from the theater, and inside the theater.

On the outside, activities of creative craft workshops were organized aswell as the shows of Carman by Javier Ariza and Narrators of Breus Històries. The theater lobby became a space for creative reading and sensory games for babies.

Finally we could also enjoy an exclusive activity to discover how is theater inside through a theatrical visit made by a very special character: the ghost of Margarita Xirgu, an activity that is part of the #AnyXirgu.

Here is a video that transmit the spirit the party, which had the objective of promoting among the families a #cretivelook to the world through the performing arts.